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Join me as we learn from EXPERTS to unlock the secrets to HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, JOY so you can LIVE YOUR DESTINY TO THE FULLEST. It's time for you to HAVE IT ALL, Beauutifuuul!

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Get ready to be INSPIRED and IMPACTED by EXPERTS who have gone through unbelievable pain, but are on the other side doing their calling ALL THE WAY and will teach you how to do the same!

Here's what you'll receive from the "Have It All" Summit

Truly learn SECRETS for more HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, JOY! No fluff!

Each speaker in the summit is an EXPERT in their field You will find the missing links that will help you to have greater measures of HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, AND JOY in your life so that you have the ENERGY to do your calling!

You'll receive a free gift from each Speaker

In addition to the interviews, each speaker is giving a free gift or resource to keep you growing and give you the breakthroughs you need to get to the next level in your life! So not only is this entire Summit FREE OF CHARGE, you will also be given gifts!

All Faith-based Teachers!

You are truly welcomed to attend this summit, no matter what your background. Our speakers are faith-based and teach from a servant's heart. You will get to feel and be transformed by their vulnerability, generous spirits, and priceless wisdom!

Your Host

BoYee Sevilla is a life coach for survivors who are done with being victims and are ready to do whatever it takes to have it all (health, wealth, love, and joy) so that they have the energy to do their God-given calling to the fullest! BoYee was raped over 600 times as a child by a serial pedophile. Through the grace of God, she connected with wise counsel (coaches, mentors, teachers) who helped to accelerate her healing and thriving journey so that she could get out of pain fast and into living her purpose. Fun facts: BoYee lives on a 40-acre ranch, adores cats and dauchsands, and is a worship ballerina.


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